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VJMA is an environmentally friendly architectural design partnership based in Toronto. Our projects range from luxury custom homes to offices and retail spaces. We apply an eco friendly and economically friendly touch to restorations, renovations, and new construction.
Our partnership trained as architects and interior designers. We offer 25 years of experience on three continents in careers that emphasized cool to cold environments. For the past 15 years we have focused on Ontario, adapting our knowledge to the rugged requirements of the region and climate. Our work emphasizes low impact environmental solutions. We employ Earth friendly construction products and energy efficient components into our designs. Our personal touch insures that your vision is brought to life.




design services
Architecture and interior design
Landscape design
Sustainable design
Furniture design and selection
Master Planning
Video Presentation


Municipal Approval and Permits
Site assessment and selection
Research and development
Project management
Cost Estimating
Budget controls
Building code consulting
Environmental Research
Working Drawings


core services
Pre design
Schematic design
Design development
Construction drawing and specifications
Permit application
Bidding and Negotiation
Contract administration
Warranty Review
Coordination of Consultants
Sustainability Consulting
Sustainability Research
Field Review of Construction
Existing Building Inspection


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Good Architecture means the architecture that wants to use materials for the purpose of creating buildings that are “in conversation” with its environment. I like to have a vision of a building of the future. It is besides its existence as a shelter, should be also productive – solar/wind & other energy, water collecting, repair its own “skin”, reuse of all materials in the building etc. But we’re not only guessing about conditions decades or centuries away, in our architectural practice we’re looking at the possibilities that exist now


Architecture is a natural choice for me. It will enable me to combine the strongest aspects of my personality, as I love the thrill of solving problems in everyday life, a fascination with functional art and design, particularly arrangements of function and space. Le Corbusier was right – “…house is a machine for living”… My goal is to make this machine intelligent.


Give us a call. Let us show you how an approach that is friendly to the environment can be friendly to your pocket book.
a. 3314 High Springs Crescent,
Mississauga, Ontario,
L5B 4G8 Canada

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green design
Earth friendly construction products and energy efficient components. When it comes to Green Design, there is a lot out there to choose from:

Insulated concrete foundation – “Logix”
Structural insulated panels – “Thermapan”
Replacement for concrete blocks – “Integrity Blocks”
Full frame windows – “Serious Windows”
Sustainable wall system – “Nana Walls”
Straw bale walls- "Harwest Homes"
Solar collector – “InSpire”
Programmable thermostats – “EcoBee”
Resource monitor – “AgileWaves”
Combined heating & cooling system – “Acadia”
Solar water heater – “GlobeSolar”
Rooftop wind turbine – “CleanField”
Geothermal system – “YANCH”
Green roofs & walls- "Streamline Enterprises Ltd."
Roofing shingles – “Eco-Shake”
Radiant heated stained concrete floors – “CFT”


green design
Earth friendly construction products and energy efficient components. When it comes to Green Design, there is a lot out there to choose from:

Tank less water heaters- "Rinnai"
Rainwater collectors – “HOG Tanks”
Rainwater gutters- ”Rain Tube”
Interior doors – “Emerald” doors from “Masonite”
Bamboo flooring - “PlyBooPure”
Bamboo panels – “Kirei”
FSC certified kitchen cabinets – “Premisys”
Decorative glass skylights - “Artistic Line Studio”
Recycled glass counter tops - “Vetrazzo”
Natural ventilation
Dual flush toilets - “Toto”
Natural paint - “Benjamin Moore”
High efficiency lighting fixtures – “Energy Star”
Home energy saving appliances


VJMA - Environmentally friendly architectural design. Interior design, restorations, renovations and new construction.